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You can listen by telling Siri or Alexa to “play Oldies Funhouse Radio.” As of the first part of January, 2021, to listen on the Google devices say “Hey Google, play the VIP Lounge Oldies Funhouse Radio from TuneIn.” Though we are no longer part of the VIP Lounge, you had to say that to Google to get our station to play but it did play the correct stream.

We are available on the TuneIn and ooTunes apps.

To hear us on your Victor Reader Stream in Internet Radio, go to “search on ooTunes” and enter “oldies Funhouse Radio”. If you added us to your favorites prior to 2021, you will need to delete that entry and re-add us.

If you know people in the United States who don’t  have internet access but have a flat rate nationwide long distance calling plan, tell them they can listen to Oldies Funhouse Radio by phone by calling 641-793-8167. A greeting will play and then there will be a few seconds of silence while you are connected to the live stream. This is a service provided free by Zeno Radio.

As far as I know, you can’t pick us up on your toaster … YET!

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