This is station owner Michael Kendall Harris. On our pre-launch site, I indicated that our site would be up and running around New Year’s Day. Obviously that didn’t happen. This is completely my fault and our amazing webmaster, Big Bob of EZHelp Computers, LLC must be held completely blameless. My wife, Mindy, and I, moved into a new house the day after Christmas and a few days after that, we were both diagnosed with Covid-19. Because of these and other circumstances, I have not submitted the information Bob needed to make our new website happen until now.

I extend a sincere apology to Bob, all of our incredible broadcasters, and our loyal listeners. My commitment to the great shows we carry is that, in exchange for them allowing us to air their shows, we will provide links to their websites on ours.

I have been negligent in this commitment since I took over full ownership of Oldies Funhouse Radio from The VIP Lounge Radio Group on New Year’s Eve night.

I am happy to announce that I have fully recovered from Covid-19, that my wife has nearly made a full recovery, and that the agreed to links can now be found at the Oldies Funhouse Radio Program Schedule page.

I humbly ask for forgiveness from all of you and hope to provide many years of internet broadcast excellence moving forward.

Very gratefully,